Are you considering improving your voice or speech?  Would you like to convey your thoughts more quickly or speak in a stronger voice?  You are not alone. Many people grapple with achieving clear and confident speech. In this blog post, 5 actionable steps will be outlined to help you unlock the power of clear speech and vocal clarity.

Step 1: Embrace the potential of using louder voice

Are you a soft-spoken individual? Do others frequently ask you to repeat yourself because they didn’t catch what you said?  One of the fundamentals of clear speech is adequate volume.  If you struggle with being heard, working with a voice specialist speech and language therapist can unlock the potential of your voice to project. Not only will this enhance your clarity, it can also be a significant confidence booster.

Step 2:  Speech confidence can reduce social anxiety

Clear voice and speech is not just about articulating sounds. It’s also about feeling comfortable when you speak.  Lower confidence and social anxiety often go hand in hand. What many people don’t realise is that Voice specialist SLTs frequently work with confidence building – one of the most important aspects for feeling comfortable with your speech and voice. SLTs are experienced in addressing social anxiety issues and it’s impact on communication.   If your challenge is to go beyond just enhancing your pronunciation, it’s helpful to know that SLTs have skills to address some of the  deeper which may lie underneath. 

Step 3: Articulation awareness

Any increased awareness about your articulation can help unlock clearer speech.  SLTs work to maximize the potential of each person’s individual speech ability.  Some conditions may mean speech is affected and SLTS can help identify how this can be improved. For others who know there is no underlying condition or muscle weakness, they may be aware that they struggle with particular sounds, sometimes from childhood, or feel that they mumble at times.   These individuals, may benefit from diction improvement – working on stronger sound production to assist overall speech clarity.  Some people may benefit from the clinician’s assessment regarding which sounds could be worked on to improve their articulation.

Step 4: Reading aloud can help

Start by reading a short passage slowly and enunciating each sound.  While this may be a challenge, reading aloud to yourself can be a helpful step for developing your speech and vocal awareness and ability. 

Step 5:  Seeking professional help

Finally, consider seeking the help of a voice specialist SLT.   They can provide you with a customised programme to enhance your voice and speech clarity according to your own particular goals.  It may include simple exercises that boost your speech clarity quickly or gradually increase to more advanced voice skills like being able to project your voice more effectively when giving presentations or speaking in a group setting. 

Your journey to clear speech

If speech clarity is a concern to you, embarking on a journey to improve it may significantly benefit you.   It is entirely possible with the right guidance and input. What’s more, it’s a journey that you can be accompanied on all they way by a supportive professional who can address both the physical aspects of clear speech and any underlying emotional aspects.   By taking theses steps, you can unlock the power or clear speech and elevate your ability to communicate effectively in any setting. 

Date: 30 Jun 2024
Day: Sunday